Ardmore Legacy: Road trip find

Living in the province of Ontario essentially limits and lays out your choices for adult beverages in a controlled tax payer funded manner. The interesting part of this and the fact that an LCBO can be found in just about any small settlement, is that all of these stores do not necessarily carry the same inventory. On my travels, any store I come across must be wandered through in order to see which different Single Malt offerings I can find. On one of my many trips to London over the past year, as a result of medical appointments with my daughter (which will be discussed in another blog post), I came across Ardmore Legacy. Despite its lower price point I was pleasantly surprisedimage1Ardmore legacy states on its beautifully adorned label that it is “Lightly Peated” which is achieved by an 80% Peated to a 20% Un-Peated mixture. Tasting notes from other Scotch aficionados note that the flavour profile has a “Slightly BBQ’d Char”. Which to me gives this scotch a nice smokey profile that I myself noticed the most. Once again I personally really don’t have quite the handle on the tasting notes yet, I tend to just follow and go with what is most noticeable to me. Other reviews mention the notes of Vanilla and Cinnamon. This gives Ardmore Legacy the ability to be a Peated scotch yet still isn’t too offensive for a more tame tasting, as well as an easy drinking experience.

The Final Thought…. I immediately jumped on my LCBO app to determine the nearest location where I could pick up another bottle of Ardmore Legacy closer to home. I’ve mentioned proudly to my Scotch drinking friends about my diamond in the rough find. Ardmore Legacy may be the best dollar value Single Malt Scotch I have ever tasted. I can confidently say that this will be another scotch that I will attempt to keep in rotation through my collection.



Taylor GS Mini: The Workhorse

As I previously mentioned, I like to think of myself as a guitar player. I’m quickly reflecting on that title when in the presence of players who actually know what they are doing. My playing would fall somewhere between the standard strumming of Wonderwall around a camp fire and grade one ukelele concert. Despite the upward battle of learning to play guitar I have found a great deal of joy in playing in the evenings. This joy has once again sparked another hobby, and resulted in a bedroom closet adorned with several 6 stringed companions. image1Meet my daily driver and my do anything work-horse guitar. This little wonder is known as the Taylor GS Mini and has a voice louder then a room full of intoxicated college students. I had my eyes on the Taylor GS mini when I saw it in a magazine several months before they were available to the general public. As per usual I read countless reviews and watched a never ending stream of Youtube videos to fuel my desire. I was able to locate one within days of their release and immediately purchased this guitar sight unseen. The GS mini has a solid Sitka Spruce top and a Layered Sapele back and sides. This guitar is played with Elixir Medium strings and has an arched back in order to give this shortened guitar a big full sized voice (this guitar reminds me of my good friend and lawyer: a shortened scale with still a full sized voice) The smaller size of the GS mini allows you to easily take this guitar with you when you travel or pop over to the afore mentioned bon fire to take the spotlight with your rendition of smoke on the water.

The final thoughts…The Taylor line of guitars is a fail safe and a high quality instrument. I can’t think of any guitar player who hasn’t picked one up and immediately grinned from ear to ear. The GS mini is a top seller for Taylor and since its initial release they have come of up with variations on this initial model. This guitar is the first one I go to and if you’re looking for a smaller guitar that plays like a full size I highly recommend you check one out.


WINE…. Aeration?

image1Now that I have some of your attention as you look at this post either while your watching TV, ignoring a co-worker or hopefully NOT using the washroom. However, knowing my close friends I am sure I’m already relegated to a bathroom reader. I’d like to talk about Wine and primarily my newfound love/obsession with Wine Aerators. I was introduced a few years ago to Wine Aeration by a good friend of mine. She stopped by our house with the customary bottle of wine and this enticing device that made her wine bottle sputter and burp as it was poured into her glass. Of course I turned my nose up as another snobby gimmick, secretly thou I was entranced. I then knew that I needed to use this device and find out everything there was to know about it.

Wine Aerator’s such as this Trudeau Bottle topper system, I was so kindly given this holiday season accomplish 30 min of decanting of a red wine by the individual glass all in an instant. This process of aeration is done to improve both the aroma and the flavour of red wine. Red wine is a recent pleasure of mine that I have come to enjoy trying different variety’s and regions. Aeration of said wine has not only provided me with a fun way to pour a glass but I do truly believe that it has enhanced the flavours and aromas of even some of the finest “Cardboardeauxs”.

The Final Thoughts… Can I still enjoy a glass of wine without this magical little spout affixed to the top of my $13.00 bottle of Merlot? Yes…. Do I want to go back to drinking my wine without it. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I highly recommend picking up this Trudeau Wine Aerator or another equally good option, you will surely notice the difference…. on the first half dozen glasses.


“Whats a great first watch?”

This is a question I get asked all the time. Many wives, girlfriends and significant others come and ask: “Whats a great watch as a gift?” I normally will redirect the question back and ask whether someone is into a watch for looks or is genuinely interested in watches from a horological standpoint. I personally have an ever revolving door of what I feel is my watch du jour. However, if your looking to get into the watch community and don’t have the budget to drop on a top name such as Rolex or Omega. I will almost always suggest one of the fine offerings from a Japanese Brand such as Seiko or if it is a swiss watch you desire I recommend a Tissot. For the purposes of this review I’m going to focus on what I feel is a great starting watch that ticks all the boxes to spark anybody’s interest in fine timepiece collecting. image1Let me introduce the Seiko SKX779 more commonly referred to in the watch community as the “Seiko Monster”. This watch comes in a variety of dial colours but most commonly comes in Black (pictured here) or Orange. My first exposure to seiko watches was before I was into them myself. I remember my Grandfather wearing a Seiko or two. I don’t believe he was ever into collecting but I like to assume he wore them due to their quality. Needless to say, If you spend any time nerding out like I do browsing watch forums you’ll undoubtedly hear this watch mentioned. The watch forums provide a safe place and break for my wife from my unsolicited facts about another hobby of mine she has so kindly humoured me in. It comes with either a steel band pictured here or a rubber dive band. This watch has an automatic movement which means it doesn’t require the use of a battery to keep it running. Simply the movement of your wrist will keep the tiny gears in motion and keep time accurately. This has a day/date function which is always welcome and a rotating dive bezel in order to time any diving you may do (the only timing I do with it is use it in timing a steak on the grill!). Any time I put on a quality watch the first thing I notice is the weight of the piece. This watch is no different, it has such a solid and balanced feel on the wrist you know owning it that you have invested wisely. This watch I feel will stand the test of time and with some simple maintenance from a watch maker, will provide years of rugged and reliable use.

The Final Thoughts…without breaking the bank and still having a quality time piece the “Seiko Monster” will give you that first taste of a quality time piece. I’m sure having this watch will also spur you into the endless rabbit hole of the watch world.


Aberlour 12

img_3567Single Malt Scotch….. What a great beginning for my toe dip into blogging. How could I not give a perspective on my go to single malt. Aberlour 12 is what I call an accessible scotch. I don’t use the word entry-level because this scotch is far from that. This scotch is easy drinking for the beginner and isn’t offensive to even the most casual connoisseur. Our good friends at our government regulated liquor distribution centres describe Aberlour 12 with the following:

“Aged in Oloroso Sherry butts, some of the most precious in use, to create a medium amber dram that is fragrant with fruity notes of red apple. The sherry character is balanced with rich chocolate, toffee, cinnamon and ginger spiciness on the palate and finishes with a warming and lingering, sweet/slightly spicy replays.” 

Myself not being a traditional scotch drinker with a velvet jacket emblazoned with some large crest the size of a dinner plate on the right side looks at some of those tasting notes a little different. After I stopped giggling like an idiot after the sight of the term “Sherry Butts” in the first line I continued to try to decipher the terminology. Shortly after that I gave up and poured my second “Dram” (Dram is a term for a small tasting glass of scotch… I think) and developed my own thoughts. I do agree with the tasting notes of red apple in this one. Which makes me think eventually I might understand how these tasting notes are drafted. Aberlour 12 hits the right price point (Under $70.00 CDN) to provide this as a gift to someone hosting you in their home, it shows you care…. just enough. Aberlour also offers a 10 yr, 16 yr, 18 yr and A’bundah (Which is cask strength). I’ve tried some of the other offerings and have varying opinions. The thing with Single Malt’s is that they don’t behave like your favourite beer. Just because you enjoy Budweiser more than likely you’ll also enjoy Bud light or the other offerings from that company. Scotch can have big variation within one distillery which will appease a wide variety of palates. I’ll have a further review of one of Aberlour’s other offerings that will bring this to light.

The final thoughts… on Aberlour 12yr is that this is a scotch that I will continue to have on hand in my liquor cabinate. Its got an easy approach and it’s one that you don’t mind sharing with someone that might turn there nose up at it and pour the rest down your kitchen sink. Its my go-to Single malt and one I highly recommend as your way of diving into the world of Single Malt Scotch.



Hello to you all! And let me formally albeit without a top hat a tie welcome you to my amateur foray into blogging. I received the inspiration to pursue blogging from my wife. She probably came up with the idea after hearing me drone on about the different flavour profiles in a glass or single malt scotch. Or maybe it was the time I filled her with the extensive knowledge of Swiss watches which I’m sure she didn’t care to hear about. I’m an average guy married with a beautiful little girl, I never pride myself in being the most stylish guy or someone you’d see wandering the wine bar in a Tom Ford Suit. I am the average guy who’s gotten lured in by the finer things in life, exposure to Scotch tastings, fine watches and guitars. I enjoy a great steak and hitting the links on a top notch golf course. I work in a hardware store which provides me with exposure to all sorts of power tools, another vice enabled. I previously sold cars which was ignited another passion in anything that can fill that need for speed.

I’m by no means the official authority on any of these vices, I’m just a guy who enjoys some of the finer things and for some reason now has a compulsion to talk about it and share with complete strangers. Lets start this adventure and do not hesitate to shoot me an email with and idea or something to review.