Wrist Check: Luminox Recon

With our close proximity to one of the worlds largest bodies of fresh water I find myself peering out over the water like an Elite Navy Seal from time to time. I take another sip from a cold beer and realize I’m having another sun enduced delusion. Looking at my wrist this week brings back those thoughts of being a bad to the bone elite tactical machine. This weeks choice from the watch box is the Luminox Recon. image1Luminox is a rugged and sporty watch that still boost a Swiss Made construction, which leads to accuracy and durability in one versatile package. The Luminox Recon is a navigational focused watch that also offers the GMT function on the dial. The GMT function allows the wearer to track a secondary time zone as well as the time in your current location with great precision. The Unique feature of all Luminox watches is the Tritium charged tubes that allow the watch to emit a glow in low lighting conditions for great legibility. This system also allows the watch to emit that glow without any charging from a light source. This watch also has a navigational scale around the dial that allows you to time your pace and determine at which speed you are traveling. The comfortable rubber band on this watch also boasts a navigational scale to use on any mapping you may do. The removable strap mounted compass although a nice touch doesn’t lend well to daily wear. The dial layout on the Luminox Recon is sporty and purposeful. This once again makes myself eye the intricate details that adorn this dial. The lightweight carbon case makes this watch even with its larger size very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

The Final Thought… The Luminox Recon was a great gift for my 30th trip around the sun and I find myself wearing it in heavy rotation in my first year of ownership. It gives off a great rugged feel paired with the quality and precision of a swiss made timepiece. This is the second Luminox I have owned and will not be my last. I find myself with the confidence of an elite tactical officer even as I dive into a large plate of greasy nachos.


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