Wrist Check: Shinola Runwell 47mm

Here’s the deal, I’m into watches and I catch myself staring at my wrist blankly admiring a beautifully balanced dial or the mellowing tick of an automatic movement. This is going to be a more regular occurence with me still feeling compelled to type out my thoughts (like a 3rd grader spilling his guts to his public school principal as to how he learned to curse with such proficiency at such a young age). So I’m going to keep you updated as to what I’m wearing and what is in my watch collection. (I also will review any watches you may have in your own collection). image2The Shinola Runwell 47mm was a watch I received as a birthday gift from my wife approx 3 years ago. I tipped her off to this company after reading their story on a watch blog I follow on a daily basis (www.hodinkee.com), and soon after my wish was granted. Shinola is a Detroit based company as it reads right on the dial and was a start-up in order to bring manufacturing back into the struggling Detroit economy. The watches are assembled in Detroit using swiss parts for the “Argonite 1069 Quartz Movement”. There has been some controversy in the watch community about these watches truly living up to their pledge of being “Made in America” with their mixture of parts. This debate has not caused me any love lost with this time piece, despite watch aficionado’s concerns about this brand. At 47mm this is one of the bigger watches in my collection and has an absolutely stunning look and build quality. Adorned with a Horween Leather strap this watch sits very comfortably on the wrist and the leather ages nicely. Another cool part of this watch is that it was shipped in a lovely wooden box that has the warranty information along with a little tin of leather balm to keep the strap looking its best. Along with the standard accessories the employee’s at Shinola also send along a hand written note thanking you for your purchase (Of course I still have all this stuff *Nerd Alert*).

The Final Thought… The Shinola build quality is top-notch and competes with the likes of higher end brands I have had the pleasure of having on my wrist. Would I recommend this watch to somebody starting out in collecting? Probably not. This watch has to grab you with it looks because mechanically its a very simple piece. Based on quality and looks alone though this watch is for sure an option to entertain.


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