Why wait?: Bowmore Laimrig 15

If you are like me you like to wait for the microwave to reach that final second and open the door like my name is Jason Bourne and the microwave is actually an atomic bomb. Sometime you may find yourself perched on a bench at a shopping mall waiting for your spouse while playing yet another level of Angry Birds. For some things in life it is best to wait, when it comes to this fine single malt you do not want to wait to purchase this one. img_3708Bowmore Laimrig 15 is something that I take the careful time and consideration to place in the back of my scotch cabinet as to avoid the temptation to pull this one as a weekday dram. The reality set in for me during one of my more recent special tastings that I was enjoying something truly special and unique. My colourful french co-pilot on this post dinner tasting then decided we should examine the tasting notes from both the Ontario and Quebec liquor distributors, assuring me that once again the french would have it correct. For the purpose of this review I will reference the helpful government body in Quebec (Called SAQ which is their equivalent to the LCBO) they describe the Bowmore Laimrig 15 as follows:

“Laimrig keeps its natural alcohol strength. The single malt’s final élevage is in sherry casks, giving it a bit of cherry accents along with black tea, orange zest and smoke. The palate is round, harmonious and imposing with a caressing texture. Accents of chocolate, preserved fruits and dried fruits give way to a smoky and peaty finale.”

Bowmore as a distillery produces a fine 12 year scotch that is standard fare in almost any LCBO I have attended. This Bowmore Laimrig 15 being a special annual offering, is akin to that one time I was above standard, and surprised my parents with a B+ on a math test (They still think I copied off a smart kid, and most likely I did.) The first thing I notice over the standard Bowmore 12, on both the nose or the palate is that this scotch was finished in the Sherry Casks. It gives this rich amber colour as well as the cherry accents in flavour. Both of us during the tasting also noticed the chocolate notes as well and continued to pompously swish this nectar in our mouths. Secretly we hoped that this would mask how much I’m trying to understand this drink  with some believable behaviour instead of just pouring it down my throat.

The Final Thought… Do I feel sad that this bottle is coming to an end? Absolutely I do but despite knowing that this is a limited annual release it will not stop me from finishing it. Knowing this, the next time I come across something like this I will take the wise advice from veteran scotch drinkers. “Buy two bottles, one to drink one to save.” Keep your eyes peeled for this one and make sure you drop me a line when you come across an extra bottle this one will soon need to be replaced!


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