Scotch Distribution Essential: The Glencarin Tasting Glass

Part of what makes a great Hamburger is the bun it is served on. The bun delivers the meat to you and presents the main event (which in a burgers case is the beef). Single Malt Scotch in my humble opinion is no different, it requires the right method of delivery to optimize the taste. When I began the descent into the world of Single Malt Scotch I was introduced at a tasting to the “Glencarin Tasting Glasses”.image1

Would the glass you drink from change the way something tastes? Wine drinkers have always used different glasses for different varieties, scotch should be no different. Once I was given the Glencarin tasting glass experience, I knew there would be no turning back. The glass has a “Tulip” shape which directs the aromas toward your nose which helps in your initial smell of your dram. This shape also lends the perfect sip, placing the scotch directly on your tongue allowing you to have the most direct contact with the flavours. This allows you not only to accurately gauge the “Nose” of the Scotch but also benefits in the tasting itself. Myself and my more robust frame may lend to a few snickers at the sight of me holding this dainty glass in my hand. But as some of my Scotch drinking companions can attest this glass becomes a must have for many of them, despite its proportions. I was kindly gifted these glasses by my wife for my first fathers day and have since amassed a set in order to do my after dinner side-by-side comparisons. I purchased my collection from “The Cooks Cupboard” in Southampton which specializes in kitchen products.

The Final Thought… It has been said that the shoes make the man, this situation of the glass making the Scotch. I don’t feel it will ruin your experience with a fine single malt if it wasn’t consumed in this glass. The Glencarin tasting glasses will simply enhance the experience beyond the use of a standard plastic tumbler. Do I miss drinking from these when I take my Scotch consumption away from the confines of my own abode? Simply put, yes.



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