Rabbit Dash Port Elgin: Gryphon Dark Roast.

After her usual early morning wake up call my wonderful daughter Leah will begin to snack on her morning favourite, Scrambled eggs. I will have at this point pondered once again how will I garner the energy to conquer the day with the same enthusiasm people have grown to despise. The answer for me is found on my commute to Port Elgin in what I feel is the must stop spot for your morning caffeine shot. image1Rabbit dash is the Coffee shop you need to visit, the staff are amazing and tolerate my quirks and observations from anything from local politics to the most current boring thoughts on whatever hobby I’m immersed in that week. My usual order is a Large Dark roast, from time to time thou I treat myself to a Latte or something to test the skills of the baristas. Recently Rabbit Dash Port Elgin (www.rabbitdash.ca) introduced a new Dark Roast Blend they call Gryphon. This new dark roast is grown by indigenous women in the Peruvian Andes, this coffee is easy drinking and has a wonderful chocolatey finish to it. My coffee infused co-worker who may have a blood content that is mostly made up of caffeine also gives this cup his seal of approval. (Which to me would be similar to having your hockey career endorsed by Gretzky himself.)

The Final Thought…. Rabbit Dash with its welcoming warm downtown Port Elgin Location, will make you think twice about getting that ho hum cup of coffee from a lifeless drive-thru. It’s not only the coffee but the kinship you feel upon being greeted by the owner and his staff, all the while serving a premium cup coffee.


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