Outlaw Brew Company: A Southampton Treasure

By looking at my physical stature and my protruding mid section would indicate that I have tasted the odd pint of beer. There is nothing better on a hot summer day then having a cold beer while soaking up the sunshine. Craft breweries are popping up everywhere to feed into this yearning.  I was very excited when only a short while ago a locally run craft brewery opened up in my home base of Southampton, Ontario. With the added benefit of being within walking distance and having some fantastic chicken wings, its now one of my favourite spots. image1I recently attended Outlaw Brewery on a February afternoon with my two fiscally charged companions for an afternoon snack and what I demanded be accomplished, The Beer Sampling flight. The platter of cold refreshing drafts pictured above give’s you the opportunity to sample multiple offerings that Outlaw Brew Company (www.outlawbrewco.ca) has to offer. This craft brewery not only produces multiple different varieties but also manages to operate a great bar and store front. The branding of this product also uses local references and plays into the “Outlaw” lifestyle. I couldn’t find a single offering that was included in this beer flight that I didn’t enjoy in one way or another. The crowning jewel is the copper coloured a beer they call “Bronco”. (Now found in your local government libation distribution hub!) Despite my less than desirable behaviour on a regular basis and the persistent nonsense I spout the service was fantastic. Great snacks at an attractive price point make a great accent to this already awesome flight of beer.

The Final Thought…. Outlaw Brew Company has managed to skyrocket to the top of the list for local beers. I find myself stopping by the “In the middle of it all” Craft Beer store to pick up a couple six packs for my weekend sitting on the couch watching my phone and writing this blog, while “Jane the Virgin” plays on what seems to be an endless loop in the background much to the delight of my wife. In all seriousness the vibe inside, the taste of the product and the top notch service, only make this beer that much more then your typical off the shelf offering. Pick yourself up a six pack or growler ASAP!!!


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