Ardmore Legacy: Road trip find

Living in the province of Ontario essentially limits and lays out your choices for adult beverages in a controlled tax payer funded manner. The interesting part of this and the fact that an LCBO can be found in just about any small settlement, is that all of these stores do not necessarily carry the same inventory. On my travels, any store I come across must be wandered through in order to see which different Single Malt offerings I can find. On one of my many trips to London over the past year, as a result of medical appointments with my daughter (which will be discussed in another blog post), I came across Ardmore Legacy. Despite its lower price point I was pleasantly surprisedimage1Ardmore legacy states on its beautifully adorned label that it is “Lightly Peated” which is achieved by an 80% Peated to a 20% Un-Peated mixture. Tasting notes from other Scotch aficionados note that the flavour profile has a “Slightly BBQ’d Char”. Which to me gives this scotch a nice smokey profile that I myself noticed the most. Once again I personally really don’t have quite the handle on the tasting notes yet, I tend to just follow and go with what is most noticeable to me. Other reviews mention the notes of Vanilla and Cinnamon. This gives Ardmore Legacy the ability to be a Peated scotch yet still isn’t too offensive for a more tame tasting, as well as an easy drinking experience.

The Final Thought…. I immediately jumped on my LCBO app to determine the nearest location where I could pick up another bottle of Ardmore Legacy closer to home. I’ve mentioned proudly to my Scotch drinking friends about my diamond in the rough find. Ardmore Legacy may be the best dollar value Single Malt Scotch I have ever tasted. I can confidently say that this will be another scotch that I will attempt to keep in rotation through my collection.



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