Taylor GS Mini: The Workhorse

As I previously mentioned, I like to think of myself as a guitar player. I’m quickly reflecting on that title when in the presence of players who actually know what they are doing. My playing would fall somewhere between the standard strumming of Wonderwall around a camp fire and grade one ukelele concert. Despite the upward battle of learning to play guitar I have found a great deal of joy in playing in the evenings. This joy has once again sparked another hobby, and resulted in a bedroom closet adorned with several 6 stringed companions. image1Meet my daily driver and my do anything work-horse guitar. This little wonder is known as the Taylor GS Mini and has a voice louder then a room full of intoxicated college students. I had my eyes on the Taylor GS mini when I saw it in a magazine several months before they were available to the general public. As per usual I read countless reviews and watched a never ending stream of Youtube videos to fuel my desire. I was able to locate one within days of their release and immediately purchased this guitar sight unseen. The GS mini has a solid Sitka Spruce top and a Layered Sapele back and sides. This guitar is played with Elixir Medium strings and has an arched back in order to give this shortened guitar a big full sized voice (this guitar reminds me of my good friend and lawyer: a shortened scale with still a full sized voice) The smaller size of the GS mini allows you to easily take this guitar with you when you travel or pop over to the afore mentioned bon fire to take the spotlight with your rendition of smoke on the water.

The final thoughts…The Taylor line of guitars is a fail safe and a high quality instrument. I can’t think of any guitar player who hasn’t picked one up and immediately grinned from ear to ear. The GS mini is a top seller for Taylor and since its initial release they have come of up with variations on this initial model. This guitar is the first one I go to and if you’re looking for a smaller guitar that plays like a full size I highly recommend you check one out.



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